2n Batxillerat: London Trip

Last week 2n Batxillerat students who took part in the Spanish and English Literature Workshop visited London. This trip is planned as an opportunity for students to learn more about the authors they have studied during the workshop at School. Here’s a brief summary on the different places they have visited the past few days.


On our first day we went to Charles Dickens Museum and enjoyed the company of a tour guide who explained many details about London’s traditions, literature and history. Although we were very tired from the trip, we found these activities very interesting and took part in all different workshops they had prepare for us.



On Friday we visited the University of Kent in Canterbury. It was a practical experience for us because we walked around its campus with students who showed us the facilities and shared their own experiences. In the afternoon, we went to Canterbury’s old town and learnt about Canterbury Tales through an interactive tour. Later in the evening we went back to London and had dinner near Piccadilly.



Next day, we spent all morning in Notting Hill. It was nice because there’s always a market in Portobello Road on Saturdays. After that, we went to Hyde Park which is even more impressive during Christmas time thanks to WinterWonderland, a free theme-park with lots of Christmas decorations. In the afternoon we visited the Globe, which is actually the theatre of one of the authors we studied in our Workshop, William Shakespeare.



In spite of the fact that we were very tired, we also made the most of our day on Saturday and visited The National Gallery and Buckingham Palace. Right after we had lunch around that area, we took the Gatwick Express and started our journey back home.